SFC modelling

Over the last years, the post-Keynesian stock-flow consistent (SFC) modelling approach has been widely used for the analysis of a plethora of macroeconomic, financial and environmental issues. The material below (co-developed with Maria Nikolaidi) includes some useful information about the theory, the methodology and the simulation of SFC models. It also provides an introduction to how SFC modelling can be used to examine ecological macroeconomic issues.

Post-Keynesian SFC modelling: theory, methodology and ecological macroeconomics

These slides describe the main features of SFC models, analyse the steps for developing and simulating an SFC model and outline the links between SFC methodology and ecological macroeconomics.




Simulating an SFC model: an example

A simple SFC model-imageThis document describes a simple SFC model and includes the steps for simulating it in R. The model is calibrated using this data for the US economy.




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