Yannis DafermosI am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University of London. I am also the Research Director of the SOAS Department of Economics, a Senior Fellow at the SOAS Centre for Sustainable Finance and a Fellow at the Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM). My research  interests include financial macroeconomics, climate change and finance, ecological macroeconomics, climate policies and economic development, and inequality. My work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, such as the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Ecological Economics, the Journal of Financial Stability, Nature Climate Change, the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics and the Review of Political Economy. I have worked as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on projects funded, amongst others, by INSPIRE/ClimateWorks Foundation, Rebuilding Macroeconomics/ESRC and the Network for Social Change. I am a Committee member of the Post-Keynesian Economics Society (PKES) and a Council member of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE).




I am the Convenor of the SOAS MSc Economics. The programme provides unique training in both mainstream and heterodox theories and methods. It allows students to develop quantitative and qualitative skills and critically use these to analyse and address the challenges that the global economy is currently facing. Topics like the economics of climate change and inequality are incorporated in the core modules of the programme − they are not just taught in optional modules. The programme also provides economic knowledge for specific regions, drawing on the rich regional expertise of SOAS. For more infromation see here.